Why Work For Us?

Cleaners Wanted in Warrington, Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Since the global outbreak of Coronavirus in 2019 how cleaning staff are looked at has changed. No longer a hidden behind the scenes service. Contract cleaners are now front and centre.

And we want it to remain that way we no longer want it to return to a place where cleaners were not seen or heard.

The importance of keeping the facility clean as well as safe is more important now than it has ever been.

“Bringing together happy, positive cleaners with like-minded local businesses, to provide clean and safe environments”

Proud to be:

“Real Living Wage Employer”

Our Culture

Our cleaning staff are the face of our company and as such, we work hard to attract the best staff we can.

We work hard to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication they put in. Not only by paying higher wages but by providing a culture where staff feel part of something bigger.

Whether it is bringing on new clients or starting new cleaning staff we want to make sure that they will be a good fit.

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, who hold the same core values, is as important to us as is it is providing a quality cleaning service to our clients.

Our Company Core Values

  • Have Funwho wants to have a cleaner with a face like thunder cleaning their facilities? Life is short, why wake each morning dreading to go to work to the same boring job? Hell No ! Thank you very much.

  • Make MoneyNot only our company but our clients and our cleaners. Keeping our cleaners well paid not only rewards them for their hard work but shows them they are appreciated and at the same time ensures we have the best cleaners in the area.

  • Show IntegrityBeing honest with strong moral principles, behaving ethically and doing the right thing.

  • Be accountableAccepting responsibility, nobody is perfect but owning up to any mistakes and ensuring they are not repeated.

  • Do what you say – You are what you do, not what you say you will do. Keeping your word is an integral component of integrity. 

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