Antimicrobial Coatings

Using Antimicrobial Coatings to Keep Your Business Clean & safe

What are antimicrobial coatings?

Antimicrobial coatings are a type of surface treatment that can prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew and other microorganisms. These coatings can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including medical equipment, food processing facilities, and public spaces such as hospitals and schools shared office space and gyms.

One of the main benefits of antimicrobial coatings is that they can help to reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms in your building, which in turn can lead to dramatically decreasing the risks of infection and cross-contamination.

These coatings can also help to reduce the need for cleaning and regular disinfecting, which can save companies time and money.

Are Antimicrobial coatings a disinfectant?

No, antimicrobial coatings are not a disinfectant. Disinfectants are chemicals or solutions that are applied to surfaces to kill microorganisms and only work when they are wet.

Antimicrobial coatings, on the other hand, are applied to surfaces that are free of bacteria and viruses to create a barrier that prevents the growth of microorganisms.

It is important to note that antimicrobial coatings should not be used as a substitute for regular cleaning and disinfection or good hygiene practices, such as hand washing and regular cleaning of your building.

How do Antimicrobial coatings work?

The coating provides a hostile environment where micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot survive.

Hereโ€™s the Techy Bit!

Microbes are attracted to the positively charged molecular chain and then covalently bonds to the treated surface. Cytoplasmic absorption of the microorganisms nutrients are disrupted and the structural integrity of the cell is destroyed.

Key Benefits to Using Antimicrobial Coatings

Provides constant protection against harmful viruses, bacteria and mould, for up to 90 days.

Tested and certified to kill Sars Cov2 within 10 mins after 6 weeks of application.

Helps prevent unpleasant orders & mould and improve surface hygiene by 90% +

No need for regular disinfecting after coating has been applied

Clear, colourless and odourless coating that can be applied to any surface

100% Preventative, not reactionary.


“Reducing Company Sick Days”

How antimicrobial coatings work

Using Technology To Keep Your Business Clean & Safe

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