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Increase productivity and all round rapport with a clean and tidy workplace. Hire the best cleaners from one of the leading specialist office cleaning companies in Warrington.

Cheshire Specialist Cleaning is a contract cleaning company based in Warrington, Cheshire, covering the whole of the North West of England and specialises in disinfectant and sanitisation cleaning. Offering daily office and commercial cleaning for businesses that want to ensure their building looks pristine while remaining safe for everyone to use. 

Your Pain

So, your office cleaner didn’t show in today and you have wanted to show around prospective clients that want to view one of your serviced offices. But you open the door to the empty office and you notice coffee cup marks on some desks.

The bins have not been empty and you spot cobwebs hanging from the ceilings that have been missed weeks ago. Despite you leaving notes for the cleaners asking them to remove them.

You simply don’t have the time to keep chasing your cleaners or the “professional” cleaning company leaving notes for them unsure if they are actually getting them.

Our Solution

  • Where you did not have to worry when you opened a door to one of the offices whether the office was dirty or clean.
  • Where you could you the latest technology to leave any notes for the cleaners on your site.
  • Where you could see they got them and where the office cleaning company you employ could follow up and make sure the items were done.
  • Where your cleaning services company used geo ring-fencing technology to ensure cleaners were turning up and leaving at the correct times.
  • Your office cleaners had the technology in place to be alerted in advance prior to a cleaner not turning in.
  • Systems and processes in place to ensure that no cleaning was ever missed.

All Cleaning Companies are the Same, Aren’t they?

All our cleaners are motivated to ensure that they do the best job they can you keep your building looking its best

But everyone says that!

I bet they do – but this is how we actually do it:

Our cleaning company based in the heart of Warrington provides office cleaners to Warrington, Manchester and the surrounding areas.

We do not pay our cleaners minimum wage, expecting in return minimum effort.

Instead, we are proud to be a Real Living Wage employer.

In addition to paying the Real Living Wages, we pay an additional bonus to all our cleaners based on 4 key criteria:

  1. How well they meet our company core values
  2. Time and attendance
  3. Positive or negative feedback from our clients
  4. The quality and speed of the cleaning

Having been a part of the Warrington community for the past 15 years we are proud of our connections to the town. Warrington home of the Warrington Wolves and the famous Golden Gate

What is included in an office clean?

  • Dusting your desk, window sills, picture frames and computer monitor.
  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors.
  • Disinfecting doorknobs, keyboards and the computer mouse.
  • Removing the trash and recycling.
  • And more – custom cleaning plans are a

What is the best way to clean an office?

  1. Remove Everything. For a truly clean workspace, it’s best to start from scratch.
  2. Assess Each Item.
  3. Consider Rearranging Your Space.
  4. Use Dividers and Shelves Wisely. 
  5. Start Putting Your Items in Their Respective Places.
  6. Clean Daily.

What does a cleaner do in an office?

As an office cleaner, you use cleaning equipment and supplies to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for the business that employs you. Your job duties include sweeping, mopping, and buffing floors, vacuuming carpeted areas, dusting surfaces, scrubbing and disinfecting restrooms, and polishing woodwork.

How often should an office be cleaned?

The average office should be deep cleaned about twice a year, or at least once if the budget doesn’t allow any more than that.

How long should it take to clean an office?

The industry standard on general office cleaning (usually 3 – 5 days a week, including vacuuming, moping, bathrooms, kitchens, mostly carpet in the building etc.) usually takes ONE person ONE hour to clean 3000 – 4000 square feet.

We are here to help you with your cleaning needs.

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