You Shouldn’t Be Cleaning Up After Your Cleaners

Your office “first impression” deserves to get the service you pay for!

Download your FREE guide on 10 things a cleaning company would look for when hiring cleaners to clean their offices – so you can know if you’re really getting what you’re paying for!

Sound familiar…

You have to take away from actual work time to manage and fix your current cleaning companies mistakes.
You come to the office each morning only to do a routine pick up after your cleaners.
Since you hired that cleaning company, your office feels like a revolving door for unknow strangers claiming to be "the new guy."

Your office “first impression” deserves to get the service you pay for!

You Deserve RESULTS, not empty promises!

Result #1 Dramatic Day One DIFFERENCE

You won’t have to call and beg and cajole. You write the check, we make your building look like it should so you get the credit you deserve- DAY ONE!

Result #2- Close the Loop Communication
No more leaving endless emails, messages and notes begging your cleaners to do the job you pay for. You’ll get automated communication that keeps you in the loop without bothering you with paperwork or headache you don’t need while allowing easy access to help when you need it.
Result #3- Guilt Free Guarantee
You know as well as we do EVERYONE makes mistakes. The problem is no one wants to OWN their mistake. We Guarantee we WILL screw up, but more importantly, we won’t make you feel bad for noticing it, we will make you BETTER than whole. Not only will we fix the problem, we will do whatever it takes to make you happier and better off than you were before we screwed up!

Enough Talk- I Want STRESS FREE Facility Management!!

Customer REVIEWS

Donna HarrisDonna Harris
12:32 09 Sep 21
Really good cleaning company, would highly recommend. They took over from our old cleaning contractors that were always turning up late or not showing up at all and completely turned things around. Thank you so much, so happy with everything.
Elia RabadiElia Rabadi
04:59 31 Jul 21
Smokey 061Smokey 061
09:28 30 Jul 21
Cheshire Specialise Cleaning took over the cleaning contract of our offices and did a great job and were very professional to work with.
Mani SinghMani Singh
14:05 26 Jul 21
Paul & his Team did the Job as asked! Thank You!
Iain RichardsonIain Richardson
08:12 26 Jul 21
Does an amazing job cleaning our gym

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